Photos and Haiku for 31 March 2022

Long Tibetan horns

Played by two young Buddhist monks

Haunting at 4 A.M.

These long Tibetan horns called dungchen are used in Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies.  It is the most widely used instrument in Tibetan Buddhist culture.  It is often played in pairs or multiples, and the sound is compared to the singing of elephants. 

We camped for about a week outside the Thyangboche Buddhist Monastery during a festival called Mani Rimdu.  Every morning about 4 A.M. they would play these horns.  Usually, at this location in the mountains and at that time of the morning the entire area was engulfed in a misty cloud… a dense fog. Imagine lying in your sleeping bag inside your tent inside of a cloud….floating in and out of consciousness……. half awake….. half asleep….. and hearing these horns being played…. It was very very eerie, other worldly, transformative and wholly peaceful.

Tsuitrim Allione described the sound:  “It is a long, deep, whirring, haunting wail that takes you out somewhere beyond the highest Himalaya peaks and at the same time back into your mother’s womb.”

Here’s are some brief YouTube videos:


Photo and Haiku for 28 March 2022

Moon, stars, alpenglow

Everest in the distance

Magical evening

Evening, Tents, Ama Dablam Mountain on the right-hand side, Taken from Tengboche, Himalayan Mountains, Nepal, Asia. This was a truly magical evening. The sun had set and was still casting alpenglow colors on the mountains. The moon was up and lighting the mist and clouds. The moon is in the upper right-hand corner and out of the frame. And then the stars are out as well. Mount Everest is in the far distance and only a very little bit can be seen. Clouds are blowing off of the summit.