Photo and Haiku for 21 March 2023

My package stolen.

Another gloomy snow day.

At least no polyps.

It has been an eventful day here. In the morning, I took the final half of a colonoscopy prep (which is no fun as some of you probably know) and then had the colonoscopy in the early to midafternoon. 

The good news is that I didn’t have any polyps and I do not have to go back ever again.  I will not post the photos from the colonoscopy and write a haiku about it.

It has been snowing heavily all day and there is over 6 inches of heavy wet snow here at the house.  It is still snowing and it is forecast to continue through the week with the sun finally forecast for next Monday!!!

The passes are expected to be closed for the week with about 4 feet of new snow for the passes on the 550 corridor and 6 feet at Wolf Creek.

At 5:15 a neighbor called me to tell me that there was a package for me down at the mailboxes.  The carrier had left it out in the snow along with another package.
I started to drive down to get the package, but unfortunately a car was stuck on my hill.  The person had been a worker at a neighbor’s house and didn’t realize that there was no exit on my road.  She said she couldn’t see because of the snow.  Anyway, I had a zoom meeting at 5:30 so I drove back home. There wasn’t enough time to walk down to the mailboxes before the meeting.

After the meeting I walked down to the mailboxes and the package was gone.  I emailed the neighbors, but no one had picked it up. So it was likely stolen by someone driving by.
A lot of circumstances conspired so that I could not get my package:  snow deep enough for someone to get stuck, a stranger happened to make a wrong turn just at the time I needed to drive out,
my Zoom meeting – which is scheduled for only once a month was just at that time so I could not walk down and get my package.  It is very frustrating and sad to think that someone would steal someone else’s package. 

Sorry for dumping on any of you, I just needed to get this all off my chest. The constant snow and gloom are depressing.
Photo is of a neighbor’s driveway.  I took it while walking down to the mailbox.

Photo and Haiku for 07 March 2023

A strong intense stare

Leopard feeding in a tree

She didn’t look away.

Leopard (Panthera pardus) in a Tree with a Kill, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Here’s another “I can see you” photo. This image was taken many years ago at the Leopard Gorge in the Masai Mara. If I remember correctly, this is the famous Half-tail Leopard. She was up in a tree with a kill and I took this photo looking straight up through the roof hatch of the safari vehicle.