Photo and Haiku for 24 August 2022

A Short-horned Lizard

Can squirt blood at predators

Marvel of Nature

Short-horned lizards….they are not toads…. primarily use cryptic behavior and coloration as a defense against predation.  When discovered, they may flee for cover or stand their ground.  They will readily inflate their lungs to appear larger or more difficult for a predator to swallow.  In some cases, they will eject blood from their orbital sinus (the corner of the eye), effectively squirting blood at a predator. This has proven a good defense against Canids…coyotes, foxes and dogs.  Apparently, it leaves a bad taste and even if the lizard dies the Canid will probably not attack another Short-horned Lizard. Cropped and enlarged cell phone image

Photo and Haiku for 12 August 2022

A very rough trail

Caused by dirt bikes climbing it

Need separate trails.

Dirt bikes are allowed on a few sections of the Colorado Trail.  They dig up the trail and loosen rocks which makes it very difficult to hike.  I fell once in this section.  It would be best to have separate trails. One for the dirt bikes and one for the hikers.

Photo and Haiku for 10 August 2022

Creek swollen by rains

Young woman helped me to cross

Good to ask for help

I had to ford this stream that was swollen by heavy recent rains.  A young woman named Charlie on the other side showed me where to cross and then crossed over, gently took hold of my arm and talked and guided me across.