Photos and Haiku for 29 November 2022

Rare in Durango

Nests on Canada’s tundra

Near Threatened status

I photographed this Harris’s Sparrow in my yard on Saturday. Pretty cool to have a rare bird for La Plata County show up in my yard.   It briefly showed again today. I am hoping that it will stick around., but the bigger birds (Corvids) chase it away from a feeder when it lands. The population of this bird is on the decline, and it would be good if I could help it make it through the winter.

Photos and Haiku for 18 November 2022

Here’s a Cackling Goose

Note size, neck, bill, white collar

Not Canada Goose

Well, we think it is a Cackling Goose.  Much smaller than Canada Goose, also a thicker shorter neck, smaller bill and a white collar at the base of the black neck.  We posted it on eBird and will see if the experts agree.