Photo and Haiku for 27 April 2023

Yellow-rumped Warbler

White throat makes it a Mrytle

a springtime beauty

There are two subspecies of Yellow-rumps – which are often referred to as “butter butts’.
The Mrytle has a white throat…much less common in my area, but definitely not a rarity.

The Audubon’s has a yellow throat…these are the most common in my area.  Today, we saw over 60.

Photo and haiku created 17 March 2021

Told to stay in place

Waiting for mother’s return

Three dutiful cubs

Three African Lion Cubs, One cub stalking another’s tail, Panthera leo, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya, Africa
We ran across these three lion cubs in Samburu on one of my safaris.  The cubs had apparently been told to stay where they were until their mother returned..  When we drove back out in the afternoon we came across the mother headed back to her cubs.  She made low lion sounds and the cubs came running…..