Photos and Haiku for 14 May 2022

Women’s March today

For their reproductive rights

Heartened by young ones

I went and photographed The Women’s Reproductive Rights march in Durango.  It was a great turn out.   I took almost 100 images.
What was really great were all of the young people (high school and younger)  that participated. Hopefully they can do a better job with this country and the planet than my generation.

Photos and Haiku for 12 May 2022

Three-toed Woodpecker

Heard forest distant drumming

Patience. Luck. Photos.

Katy, my birding buddy and I went looking for the American Three-toed Woodpecker today.  We had yet to see this elusive bird and decided to go look for one.  We knew that it likes to hang out in recently burned areas so we drove to a likely area where one had reportedly been  seen on several occasions. On a chilly morning we hiked a short distance on a trail and eventually heard distant drumming.  An app on our phone confirmed it was the bird that we were looking for..  The drumming was way up on a very steep hill and Katy and I searched for a way to bushwhack up to where the drumming was coming from.  We had gone a short way when the bird started drumming closer and near to the trail.  We descended and finally spotted the bird and I was able to carefully maneuver and get some photos.  Audubon says “They obtain food directly by scaling, flaking or pecking off the bark.”  A number of my photos show this behavior.

Photo and Haiku for 09 May 2022

The Earth needs moisture

A pillar of dust spinning

Wind and drought persists

I really don’t have any images of the drought and very windy conditions that we are experiencing here in the southwest so I am using this photo from Samburu.   There have been extremely high winds across the southwest day after day.  The land needs a lot of moisture and there is none in the forecast.  Wildfire is a real and present danger.
Boy, Dust Devil, Samburu Village near Archer’s Post, Kenya Africa