Photos and Haiku for 18 November 2022

Here’s a Cackling Goose

Note size, neck, bill, white collar

Not Canada Goose

Well, we think it is a Cackling Goose.  Much smaller than Canada Goose, also a thicker shorter neck, smaller bill and a white collar at the base of the black neck.  We posted it on eBird and will see if the experts agree.

“What I Stand For Is What I Stand On.”

  • Wendell Berry

The Earth and its interconnected web of life is what is most important to me on how I vote….not the f… economy. The Inflation Reduction Act — which, despite its name, is mainly a climate bill with a side helping of health reform — didn’t receive a single Republican vote. Now, the I.R.A. isn’t a leftist plan to insert Big Government into everyone’s lives: It doesn’t coerce Americans into going green; it relies on subsidies to promote low-emission technologies, probably creating many new jobs. The Republican Party has turned strongly anti-environmental over time. That is why I vote Democratic and you should too if you care at all about the health of our environment and global climate change. For your own health as well as the future health and well-being of your children and grandchildren vote candidates that support our plant and lives.