Photo and Haiku for 10 December 2022

Monarch Butterflies

Need milkweeds for survival

Please do not destroy

The migratory monarch butterfly is now classified as “Endangered”.
They are a tiny, delicate creature that can travel nearly 3000 miles from the northern US and southern Canada to its overwintering destination in Mexico.  They exhibit the most highly evolved migration pattern of any known species of butterfly or moth and perhaps any known insect.
They lay their eggs only on milkweed plants, which will eventually serve as a food source for the caterpillars.

Photos and Haiku for 01 December 2022

Here’s a Roadrunner
Seen first time in my county
These photos from Bosque

A Greater Roadrunner (GRRO) was reported seen in my county for the first time on Thanksgiving Day. It took multiple visits to the area, but it has now been seen by me and two other birders.  Unfortunately, no photos yet. It is impossible to see once it crosses the road and disappears into the dense vegetation. These photos were taken in Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico.

Photos and Haiku for 29 November 2022

Rare in Durango

Nests on Canada’s tundra

Near Threatened status

I photographed this Harris’s Sparrow in my yard on Saturday. Pretty cool to have a rare bird for La Plata County show up in my yard.   It briefly showed again today. I am hoping that it will stick around., but the bigger birds (Corvids) chase it away from a feeder when it lands. The population of this bird is on the decline, and it would be good if I could help it make it through the winter.