Kenya’s Largest Elephant Killed by Poachers

Very sad news. I just learned that Kenya’s largest elephant has been killed by poachers. In 2010 I stayed at the Satao Camp in Tsavo East and photographed a number of the large elephants. I’m not sure if I ever saw or photographed the big one named Satao, but will attach an image I made at the waterhole at Satao Camp.

Tsavo Elephant 8965W8WMQ


I’ve seen this quote credited to Elephants Awara Masai Mara and/or Mark Deeble

“I am appalled at what that means – that the survival skills that the bull has painstakingly learned over half a century have been rendered useless by the poachers’ use of mass-produced Chinese goods; GPS smart-phones, cheap motorcycles and night vision goggles.
I think the old bull knows that poachers want his tusks, and I hate that he knows.
More than anything, I hate the thought that poachers are now closing in on one of the world’s most iconic elephants.”

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