Cliff Palace Illumination

Cliff Palace Illulmination 0066W1WM


Mesa Verde National Park kicked  off the National Park Service Centennial with the illumination of Cliff Palace on Wednesday, Dec. 9th.

To my knowledge, there have only been two “illuminations” of the famous cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park.  The first was done in 2006.

Cliff Palace Illumination 7235W1WM

The weather was fairly warm.  When Marilyn and I arrive about an hour and a half before the lighting was to take place, every possible tripod spot was already taken.  Thanks to some nice folks at one end, I was able to squeeze in to the endless chain of tripod legs and camera bags.

Cliff Palace Illuminatoin 0089W1WM
Cliff Palace Illumination, Mesa Verde National Park, World Heritage Site, Colorado, USA, North America

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