Photos and Haiku for 06 February 2022

Old Oracle Owl

is the neighborhood guru

stoic and saintly

This is my friend Old Oracle Owl aka Squeak Owl.  He has lived, in a small tree, on the side of the road in my neighborhood for at least five years.  He has steadfastly survived every storm, every drought and every indignity brought upon him by curious and playful passing dogs.

When walking with a friend in my neighborhood for the first time, I would often tease the person by telling them….as we were approaching the owl…..that there was a rare owl that lived in the area. I’d ask them if they’d ever heard of a Screech Owl and after they’d tell me “Yes”, then I would say… “Well this is a Squeak Owl. It’s very rare“.  

Once my friends finally got to see the owl, and they always did, they’d often give me a sideways glance as if to say “Who is this weird guy, anyway? And can I really trust him with anything that he tells me?”   Several people, I must admit, have decided that they actually would rather not want to hang out with this strange quizzical old fart, anymore anyway.

Truth be told, I’ve stopped taking Squeak Owl for granted.  No longer do I tell my silly lame joke or ask him to be my accomplice.  I’ve actually come to love the old guy and regard him as an old friend.  I have the utmost respect for him. Like some ancient ascetic Buddha, he has been through it all and remained the silent stoic guardian of the neighborhood through all these many years – day in and day out…..through all kinds of weather…… Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

A few weeks ago I started stopping by and telling him my thoughts and asking him questions…. More recently though, all I do is stop by, pay my deep respects, close my eyes and listen.

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