Photo and Haiku for 14 February 2022

A magical arch

appears every hundred years

on Valentine’s Day

Recycled from last year.

Backstory for the photo…….Hey, do you remember the story of Brigadoon?  The one about a village in Scotland that appears out of the mist once every 100 years?  Well, do you know about the legend of the mythological arch called Valentine’s Arch?  It mysteriously appears once every hundred years somewhere out in the remote barren slickrock country of Southeastern Utah.

 A while back, I can’t remember exactly when – a number of years ago – it magically appeared before me while I was out hiking with my dog Jessie.  Since I always carry my camera with me, I was able to photograph it and prove, for all of mythological history, that it is indeed real.

The Arch’s message, just like the theme in the movie, is of love transcending time.  Love and Peace to all you brothers and sisters.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

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