Photo and Haiku for 05 June 2021

Shows off rosy throat

Withstands temps below freezing

High meadows jewel

 It was very very humbling being on the birding field trip today.  I think that we had about 45 different species, but most of them we never saw….only heard…..There were a number of amazing experts along that could identify all the birds just by their songs and calls….to me it was often impossible to distinguish one call from another….much less memorize it so that I would know it once I heard it again….

This photo is of one of the few birds that we actually saw….a Broad-tailed Hummingbird…..and it was many many meters away.  I carried a cheaper lighter-weight camera so the quality of the image is rather poor….I carry this camera to help assist in the identification of birds and sometimes do not carry my much heavier camera. Today, I knew that we would  be walking for about four hours so chose to take the lighter camera. The image quality is not very good compared to my other cameras, however.

Hope you had a good Saturday:

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