Photo and Haiku for 01 May 2022

Two Rock Hyraxes

Related to Elephants

Lives in classless groups

Here’s a break from bird haikus for a change….although we do love our birds

The Rock Hyrax is found in Africa and these two I photographed in the Masai Mara of Kenya a few years ago.  They are really interesting animals.

from Wikipedia:  ” They are superficially similar to pikas and marmots, but are more closely related to elephants and sea cows.”

And this….also from Wikipedia….. is really interesting and a lesson for today’s society:……

 ” Hyraxes that live in more “egalitarian” groups, in which social associations are spread more evenly among group members, survive longer.[27] In addition, hyraxes are the first nonhuman species in which structural balance was described. They follow “the friend of my friend is my friend” rule, and avoid unbalanced social configurations.[28] The balance of social interactions within a group is positively correlated to individual longevity, meaning that “it is not the number or strength of associations that an adult individual has (i.e. centrality) that is important, but the overall configuration of social relationships within the group.”[29] The reason for such a balanced group configuration, rather than one that is centrally dominated by a few individual hyraxes, was suggested to have to do with the fact that information flow to all members is important in a fragmented habitat as that of the hyrax, making a dominance hierarchy a liability for the survival of the group at large.[29]

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