Photo and Haiku for 30 December 2022

Too wet to snowthrow

Exhausting using shovel

Time for chocolate.

We’ve had a series of storms recently. This was the first one on Wednesday. We had another on Thursday and there is more in the forecast into the beginning of the week. The temperatures were warm (right around 32 degrees) and the snow was like cement. It was impossible to use the snowthrower after a while. Then I shoveled. I was out there for over four hours. Thankfully a neighbor plowed me out on Thursday, but I still needed to shovel. With all of that heavy exertion I felt extremely justified in eating holiday sweets that friends had given to me.

3 thoughts on “Photo and Haiku for 30 December 2022

    1. Did you eat any chocolate as a reward for your efforts? Here we’ve had snow every day for the past few days. Today was cold and the snow was much lighter and easier to handle. Thankfully, tomorrow will be a break and is supposed to be sunny.

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