4 thoughts on “Photo and Haiku for 30 January 2023

  1. What a lovely group you have there! I put out suet feeders in the winter. I get a lot of White-Crowned Sparrows, and lately one pair of House Finch, and American Goldfinches. They are gobbling up the block in two days! Which reminds me it’s 14 degrees out so I’ll bundle up and put in new one they finished the last one earlier this morning.

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    1. That is wonderful that you are feeding the birds in the winter. On these cold winter days, the suet is a great source of energy. My suet feeder can only be accessed from underneath. If I had out a regular suet clock, the magpies would finish it in less than a day.

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      1. I used to put out bird seed in the summer but the ground squirrels ate most of it, and in the summer there’s more food for the birds so I stopped putting out the seeds.
        Now I just do the suet in the winter months through early Spring.
        My neighbor puts up one of those big seed blocks because they have to work harder for the seeds ,and it lasts longer, yesterday I saw two Quail up on it! That was a first! 😀

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