Photo and Haiku for 19 February 2023

5-FU lip cream

Chemotherapy treatment

No selfie photos

On 01 February, my dermatologist prescribed a chemotherapy cream called 5-fluorouracil or 5-FU to treat solar keratoses and possible basal cell skin cancer of my lips.  I severely sunburned my lips several times the last two years while out hiking in the mountains. I applied the cream for two weeks.  The last day of application was Monday evening the 13th. The lips look horrible and gross – so no photos. 


2 thoughts on “Photo and Haiku for 19 February 2023

  1. Egads, I hope you don’t have skin cancer on your lips and the cream helps a lot!
    Last fall I burned my lips badly while photographing an air show. I hope this lip treatment isn’t in my future but it could be! I had a precancerous cell removed from my nose last year. I am hoping it doesn’t come back.

    Sending fast healing vibes your way! 😀

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