Photos and Haiku for 03 April 2023

Six Trumpeter Swans
First record for the county
White wisps of magic

Sometime in the early afternoon on Saturday, a birding buddy texted me that there was a report of Trumpeter Swans out in the valley.  I headed out there about 4 PM and it was impossible to see the birds because they were hidden by vegetation on private property. 

Fortunately, the birds finally drifted out where I could get some good clean photos of them.  This was the first and only report of Trumpeter Swans in my county.  I know that they are common in the Pacific NW and further north in the summer. I have seen them many times up in the Yellowstone/Tetons area, but it was cool to see and photograph them here.

Several birding buddies went out to the location the next morning before 7:00 AM, but the birds were already gone….thus the white wisps of magic.

2 thoughts on “Photos and Haiku for 03 April 2023

    1. Thank you, Deborah. They are certainly beautiful. I am fortunate to have connections throughout the county and birding community so that I get notices of new and interesting birds in a very timely manner.


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