Photos and Haiku for 23 May 2023

Came back from a trip

bird feeders were on the ground

springtime bear lesson

I went to a birding festival in Cortez for a couple of days and when I came home one nyjer, one jelly, one hummingbird feeder and five seed and two suet feeders were taken down. I had been leaving them out all spring since there hadn’t been any bear signs in my area….so I took a chance and didn’t bring the feeders in when I left. Now I only have out one suet, one seed and one hummingbird feeder and bring them in at night.  When the seed and suet runs out that will be it for the summer.

The image with the bent black pole shows four feeders, three on the ground including one black nyjer feeder in the lower right.  The other image shows five feeders on the ground.

I am a bit embarrassed by the poor quality of the cell phone images.

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