An Interesting Day, but not all that unusual for life in Durango

It was quite an interesting day, but then again every day in Durango is new, different and interesting.

Marilyn woke up this morning before 6 AM and realized that I was not in bed. She noticed a light on in my office, but I was not in there. She then searched all over the house (even in closets) thinking that something might have happened to me. She thought that maybe I had had a heart attack or stroke and had wandered off in a daze. While downstairs she noticed that my old winter down jacket was missing from its hook. She let Duffy out the East door and called me – still no response. Then they went out the West door and finally found me photographing the Super Blue Blood Moon!

It was the first total lunar eclipse since 2015 and the first Super Blue Blood Moon visible from the U.S. since 1866! There was a thin layer of high cirrus clouds and the moon eventually dropped down into thicker clouds and disappeared, but I did manage to get a few okay photos through the thin cloud layer. Canon 500mm/f4.0+ 1.4x, Canon 7D Camera, ISO 1600, -0.33 exposure compensation. f/5.6. Exposures 1 sec. to 0.4 sec.

Then in the late morning we arrived at the Snowdown’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts’.

Snowdown is Durango’s crazy week-long winter festival. The Fashion Do’s and Don’ts’ is a rather wild noisy event attended by over 600 people. The theme for Snowdown this year is “It’s a Black Tie Affair”. Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5.


Prizes were awarded for the best dressed, worst dressed, funniest costume, best theme and the costume grand prize. I’m not sure which one Marilyn and I won, but we were the last ones announced and we were awarded a $100 gift certificate to Guido’s Pizza Pasta Panini. Guido’s is a restaurant, bar, gelateria and market (gastronomia). Thank you Guido’s!!!!

Then when I got home this afternoon from walking Duffy there were four big bucks in our yard. They did not cooperate so never got all four in one photo. Image taken through the kitchen window (again with the Samsung cell phone).

3 thoughts on “An Interesting Day, but not all that unusual for life in Durango

  1. OMG! You two looked marvelous! I love your purple beads, and M’s green and black striped socks! Oh I think you won 1st place!

    The bachelors in your yard…firstly I’m a bit envious and yeah for cell phones! This would go down as a great day for me. I hope it did for you two as well.

    My heart and soul are so full seeing you both well, and having fun, living life to its fullest, and blessed with Bucks in your yard.

    Be well and safe. Hugs from CA. xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries Robert! I know how busy you can be.

        Have you got your settings set to private, or something? I know I did as I think it may default there. Once I changed that I started receiving more readers.


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