Old Slides – Cairo, Egypt

I’m going through and editing, scanning and tossing old slides.

People piling into a Public Bus, Thrir Square,  Cairo, Egypt, Africa

This is the bus that we (wife #2 and I) took into downtown Cairo, Egypt from the airport. We were trying to save money and didn’t take a cab.

I can still remember the ride. The guys (no women on the bus) were very nice and made room for us and helped with our luggage as well. Some of them tried to converse with us in English I don’t know if we would have made it off the bus without their kind assistance. 1983. I’m not sure what it would be like now.

2 thoughts on “Old Slides – Cairo, Egypt

  1. What an experience! I’m so glad the people were nice and helpful.

    It’s always so wonderful to meet people from other places that are nice, and friendly. It really opens one’s eyes to just how magnificent we as people are all over the world, and what we may have heard on the news that may have skewed our perspective wasn’t really reality.
    One bad apple doesn’t spoil the barrel! We need to remember that!

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